Republic of Panama Introduces Bill to Regulate Crypto

As Bitcoin (BTC) becomes legal tender in El Salvador, another American country is moving forward on the same path to the usage of cryptocurrencies like BTC and Ethererum (ETH) as legal tender.

On September 6, the Republic of Panama brought a bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, aimed at making the country “compatible with blockchains, cryptocurrency, and the Internet”.

Panamanian congressman Gabriel Silva announced on Twitter, that this new legal initiative can generate thousands of jobs, bring new modes of investment, and even making government “more transparent”.

Panama’s bill is not forcing businesses to use crypto as the El Salvador bill did instead there will be freedom to use, whosoever wants to adopt the new technology i.e. cryptocurrency they can do it. local TV network Telemetro reported.

After the decision of El Salvador to accept Bitcoin as legal tender, more countries in Central America are also following the same path and moving towards the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Seems like a big change is coming in the near future which will decide how we are going to use currency in the future.

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