Top Blockchain Transfer Charges

With cryptocurrency’s total market capital above 2 Trillion dollars after 20 August, 2021 different blockchains are pumping with more and more money.

Which blockchains do you think are the best for transactions among the top 10?

Well, if we take into account the transaction fee of the different blockchains as per the above comparison done on 29 Aug 2021 which was checked on Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet.

Ripple (XRP) and Solana (SOL) are the best for the fund transfer, XRP is currently on rank 6th with a market capital of 53.2 Billion USD and SOL is on rank 9th with a market capital of 27.99 Billion USD. But, if we consider transaction charges of the top 10 coins these 2 deserve the top 2 spots.

Their withdrawal charges (sending payment to another wallet) are as under

Token Trust Wallet Atomic Wallet
XRP 0.0005 XRP (0.00072 USD) 0.000012 XRP (0.000017 USD)
SOL 0.000005 SOL (0.00046 USD) 0.00005 SOL (0.00046 USD)

SOL ranks on the top spot on Trust Wallet with a cost of 0.00046 USD (6.59 IDR)(10.48 VND) per transaction of money transfer and XRP ranks on the top spot on Atomic Wallet with a cost of 0.000017 USD (0.24 IDR)(0.39 VND) per transaction of money transfer.

So, considering the basic long-term motive of all blockchains i.e. transfer of money along with other addon benefits of their ecosystems. XRP and SOL are the ones that will go a very long way.


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